“The Pimsleur Approach” Review

Among the most popular language learning programs these days is “The Pimsleur Approach”. As a language-learning-enthusiast myself, I’ve had experience with a wide variety of different foreign language learning resources and methods, and out of all of them, Pimsleur had me speaking useful, usable phrases and words the fastest. Pimsleur really emphasizes being able to teach you to speak fast, and it certainly lives up to that claim. However, Pimsleur has essentially no focus at all on grammatical concepts of the language.

This essentially leaves you knowing HOW to say a lot of things, but can leave you confused on some of the ‘whys’ of your target language. I would suggest The Pimsleur Approach to anyone looking to speak a new language quickly in order to impress your friends or learn some key phrases before a trip. If you want to get truly fluent in your target language however, I would recommend using an additional course alongside of Pimsleur that properly teaches you grammatical concepts of your target language.

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