The Best Practices and the Tools to Reduce PDF Size

In my opinion every day each person on this planet using computer at least once opens PDF format file. PDF format received incredibly much recognition for its precious qualities and additional options that made this format a choice of most companies. Some specialists call PDF the only format convenient for downloading.

Indeed, PDF is an extremely convenient, developing very fast as well as offering a big number of valuable functions for corporate customers and end users. The only serious disadvantage of PDF format was the document’s big size. This problem was the reason of difficulties with sending, downloading and uploading documents in this format.

The perfect solution of this issue would be to reduce PDF size, keeping the documents high quality.

The principal reason of the necessity to reduce PDF size is usually when the documents are saved in PDF after scanning, but the documents quality is inappropriate. The main advice that we may give you about this issue will be watching carefully after resolution. It’s logical that the consequence of low resolution will be low document size. However, many people still try to scan papers in 600dpi resolution. These large files wouldn’t have been so strong headache if you saved it as tiff or jpg documents, but when the picture’s format is PDF, an ordinary user will not be able to make any kind of manipulations with this file. Therefore,  it will be impossible to reduce PDF size by using low resolution.

There’s one more important feature that nobody will like to miss: OCR. People dealing with scanned documents had to see documents without text layer within, saved as ordinary pictures. This is extremely inconvenient, because the principal PDF’s advantage comparing to other formats disappears. This way, when you need to make scanning, it’s better to use scanning software with OCR. One of the most appropriate solutions could become a single program, providing both functionalities usage. Besides, the additional plus will become the small size of text layer.

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