Take Precautions in the Wilderness

The wilderness calls out to be explored. There is an adventurous spirit in all of us to be the first to discover something. The wilderness is dangerous, and one should take the necessary precautions necessarily when one goes camping. Life skills are taught in most schools around the world. One should be prepared at all times for the unexpected. When you go camping, you need to carry a waterproof matchbox, a compass, and a retractable knife. Carry with you some food in-case you get stranded, you do not starve.

Never go out to an unknown place without telling at least one reliable person where you have gone. If you get lost, they can organize a search party for you. A cell phone is important in case of emergency but remember that the network can fail. If you come across a wild animal, Stay away from it even though it looks cute and docile; it is wild-it can attack without provocation.

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