Metal Wall Art and its Lack in Limitations

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” That was quoted from Aristotle or at least from what an art book claims. Contemporary artists experiment with media like clay, metal, wax, robotics, glass, stoneware, wood and a lot more.  These days, wall arts have become an integral part of architecture and design. A form of art that has increasingly captured fascination is metal wall art.  It has struck observers and art enthusiasts like lightning. These amazing products of talented artists are hung, glued and installed on our walls and other surfaces to add elegance and character. Sometimes, they also grace our walls to exhibit therapeutic power influencing the observer’s frame of mind and manner. Nowadays, different forms of art are used by media to educate, to entertain, to encourage and to encroach.

Each artist has his own theme and forte. Sometimes, an artist focuses on only one unique specialty in each of his shows. Some, on the other hand, display subjects using various media in his different exhibits. Visual art is created in the forms of painting, filming, printing, photography, sculpture, ceramics and many others crafts.  Optical art is a type of visual art that rouse imagination and stirs up perception. It operates thru optical illusions. In the case of metal wall art, metals such as brass, aluminum, bronze, copper, stainless steel and nickel are widely used. They are delicately and patiently ground, cut, or formed. Then, these metals will be brushed, mounted or shaped to be the focus of the artwork or cleverly added as part of the piece.

With the perfect lighting, a marvelous effect is witnessed. With just the right illumination, metal wall art will surely use its playful curves and lines, lively textures and variations to create teasing images or reveal concealed figures. Also, having the spectators and aficionados view the piece of art at different angles and spots will play with their imaginations and will give rise to the impression that it is alive and moving.  Depending on the how the strokes or angles are positioned, the metal art will appear as if it’s shimmering, flashing, vibrating, expanding, bending, twisting, deflating and many others. The movements and images these clever artworks create, which are also made by skillful artists are endless.


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