How much is your cigar?

A cigar varies in type, price, and manufacturing process. There are thousands of cigar types all over the world. If you’ve been smoking for quite some time now, then you might be updated with the price of cigars nowadays. Are you updated with the latest cigar prices?

E.P. Carrillo Cardinal 52 is cigar wrapped in Maduro wrappers. If you will look at the price online, it will range from $130 or more per box with 20 cigars. I saw this one from a cigar website and it is on the top of featured cigar products. Then there is the Opus X Lost City Assortment which is around $135 at a box of five cigars. I have no idea why it costs that much but base on the description and also the image, the cigars vary in sizes. How about you? Are you updated with the latest prices of cigars? If yes, then you can share your opinion!

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