Facebook Cover Photos: a New Way To Express Yourself

It has been almost a year since Facebook incorporated the cover pictures to our timelines. It is a wider picture at the top of our page, much larger than the profile photo. When that last one was long considered as our personal Facebook identification now we take care to reserve the best picture for the Facebook covers and leave the nice one for the profile.

Facebook users showed a direct great interest in that cover as it didn’t take time for them to start posting the best they have in that space. They reserved it for the best family picture of the year, some even stated going to professional shooters just to have something nice to post in there, others like to post their religious believes, political statements, funny wallpapers or in general anything that could reflect their personality. Since most Facebook users tend to express themselves through posts, pictures and statements, the Facebook Cover Photos were considered as a way to speak out in a more creative way.

The one and only bad review about Facebook Timeline Covers is its non-privacy. It was very inconvenient to a number of users to have their pictures seen by everyone which retained them from using this new service.

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