DVD Conversions Fast, Easy, and Free

If the thought of converting or importing your favorite commercial DVD’s to either your iPod, iPhone, or iPad sends shivers up and down your spine, the good folks at iSkysoft might have the solution that you have been looking for. Technology is a wonderful thing if you know what to do with it, but when you are someone who would not necessarily call yourself a guru of modern day tech gadgets, life can become complicated and overwhelming rather quickly. Well, there is no longer a need to shy away from ripping and preserving your favorite DVD’s, just log onto www.iskysoft.com, and type in the search phrase how to convert dvd to itunes on Mac and set yourself free. A third party app is a must have if your intention is to import your DVD’s to Mac and maintain the integrity and the quality of your DVD movies without causing damage to the original content. The iSoft DVD Ripper for Mac app makes it easy, as it breaks down the process of converting commercial and non-commercial DVD’s into iTunes formats. Users are given step by step instructions on how, they can convert their favorite DVD’s to MP4, MOV, and M4V formats.

Generally speaking, with the gift of simplicity, most would agree that the expectation is that a certain amount of creativity is sacrificed and options if not taken completely off of the table, are limited at best. This is not the case with the iSkysoft program, not only does it provide users with the gift of simplicity, it also allows users the option of either ripping the entire DVD or preferred chapters of the movie. Another great feature of the Mac program is that it includes settings specific to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, in addition to other devices, that allows users to choose their output formats based on their specific device for more accessible playback. Even the process of editing can be done simply and without the investment of a whole lot of time because this app has it all. If you have a large video that you want to cut down into smaller segments, this is exactly what you need. If you want to do away with those horrible looking black boarders, this app will allow you to crop them out. If you need to adjust video effects, you can do that too. Perhaps the most attractive editing feature is that this app makes sure that your output videos will be a perfect fit for your device, no more looking at pictures that are too big for your screen.

Programs to transfer dvd movies to itunes can be pricey and complicated to use, but iSkysoft makes it fun, easy, and at a price that anyone can afford as FREE trial versions can be downloaded directly from the website, what could be better than that? Once the trial period is over, users can purchase the rip dvd to itunes to Mac for the incredible price of $39.95. I highly recommend this software.

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