Campus 101: Choosing the Right College

After I graduated high school, my first endeavor was searching for a university where I could fit in. The decision-making stage was tough. I weighed a lot of factors to deliberate upon—the cost per semester, my parent’s monetary capability, the campus environment, the school requirements, and the academic program of the course I will take up. After countless thoughts and what-ifs I finally had the nerve to choose one university in just three simple ways:

Do an estimate calculation. Compute everything including laboratory fees, extracurricular activities, and books using a College Navigator app. If you think your parents cannot afford to spend on all of those, you may apply for loans, scholarships, and federal grants. Also consider a part-time job before or during college.

Inspect the school. Certain universities will allow you to sit in a class as part of your appointment. Observe how they do their teachings and how the faculty members do their job. Does the school promises overall value in the service they provide and their appearance? Are you comfortable enough with the campus environment? These factors are important as your university will be your second home.

Examine your targeted academic program. The number one reason why you want to be in a certain university hangs on on the academic program they offer. Choose a college that will provide opportunities for first-hand learning.

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