A Wintry Weather Warning for Landlords

Have you recently become a landlord through necessity rather than choice? You are not alone: many UK homeowners who need to move have found that because of current housing market conditions they are better off renting out than selling their homes. As a new landlord you will hardly need to be reminded of the responsibilities that this role entails.

All homeowners are responsible for building maintenance and repairs. Landlords also have responsibilities towards their tenants and in addition are likely to be under some pressure to protect their rental income. It’s important to be sure that you have adequate landlord buildings insurance in place to protect you your tenants and your investment. Unlike landlord buildings insurance policies most standard household policies do not cover the consequences of damage to the building and its contents while a property is rented to tenants.

Landlord buildings insurance policies typically provide compensation for damage to the structure of the building and the property’s fixtures and fittings such as carpets light fittings and built-in appliances like ovens and cookers. If your home has been let out unfurnished landlord buildings insurance may be adequate protection for your property. You can find more information to click here for complete details.

With the onset of winter it’s important for landlords to be aware of the importance of being prepared for the cold weather ahead. Sub-zero temperatures followed by frozen and burst water pipes can cause some serious water damage to the structure electrical wiring and other fittings and fixtures of your property.

A burst pipe that causes property damage is both inconvenient and costly; the average cost of repairing water damage after a burst pipe is estimated as £3000 but in many cases repairs cost much more than this. When damage is so serious that the property is uninhabitable a landlord may also face the loss of rental income and the cost of legal advice.
Pre-winter preventive action such as insulating exposed water pipes goes some way towards protecting your property. Landlord buildings insurance is a vital second line of defence against water damage. When you have landlord buildings insurance you can be reassured that financial

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