A Day in the Life of a Freelance Writer

Ever since I learned about freelancing gigs on the web, I instantly had an interest of trying my luck. Nothing beats the first time. I was a newbie who knew nothing at all about the website I’m registering myself to. All I know is that I can write. I shall say I have remained as a newbie since I only started three months ago.

Three months of working already changed my daily routine. I normally start my day late as I wake up nothing earlier than 8am. I take my breakfast which is usually just a cereal drink. After boosting up my energy, I finally start my job. This just takes a couple of hours since I can be easily destructed by chatting on Facebook. Then I wash up, prettify myself a bit and finally head on to school.

My academic loads are full so I stay in school more than six hours a day. Since I don’t want to stay in a dorm, I take the challenge of commuting just to go to school. When I get back, that’s the time I continue my writing tasks. My work hours vary depending on the amount of writing tasks I get in a day.

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