Ways to Lower the Interest Rates of your Credit Card

Higher interest rates usually prohibit the customers from clearing their debts. More than that, companies promote higher rate credit card to their customers. But surely there are several ways to lower the credit card interest rates.

The very first way to get a credit card with low interest rate is to have a good credit ranking. It means one should pay his payments on time and even pay a higher amount than required, if possible.
Another possible way to get lower interest rates is to have an option of transferring the existing balance and do a transaction with another bank. All you need to do is move your complete balance to some other bank. In that case, you can avail the benefit of 0% promotional offer to settle your account quickly.

Another thing which you can do after transferring your balance to another bank is to call the CSR and tell them that you want to use the credit card facility again but the interest rate is quite high. As your balance is clear from the bank, you don’t owe anything to them. As the bank needs your business and they can make no money with an account which is paid off, they will surely consider your case and lower the interest rates.

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