The Word Try…Its Free Made My Day

The world is full of surprises that I have had a share of my surprises. But then the other day I had one of the best surprises till date when I entered this store at the corner of the block just before my home. After a hard day at work, I was on my way home when I say this huge neon Signage saying’s free. This sign caught my attention and I attracted me enough to make me enter the store. Now I was expecting them the store in-charge to hand me over the new iPhone 5, as I have been waiting to buy the same since the last 2 weeks.

So expecting the same I crossed the glass door but then all I saw was the whole store was filled with Christmas cookies which the store was selling. The money which the store was making out of the sales was being donated for the cause of helping street children. I loved the idea and ended up buying 4 packets of cookies.

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