The Use Of Eye Bolts In Our Lives

These eye bolts are a unique kind of bolts which have a loop sided curve along with threaded spiraling screw attached to them. The primary or the principle purpose of these is to connect cables with other objects, like moving a thread around the loop sided curve so that a painting can be hung from a wall. There are various kinds of threading which can be found on these bolts. The common types are machine screw (these are full threaded bolts and are good for holding loads at certain angles) and wood screw (come with a wood screw so that this bolt can be used on wooden surface).

The installation of eye bolt is a pretty easy task if done with proper precision and once the same is installed one can hang various objects using the same with ease. Being made of metal casting these are pretty strong and sturdy, and with proper use help a lot in our day to day lives.

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