Sphygmomanometer: Blood Pressure Measuring Gauge

It’s a magical device that helps you know how hard your heart is working to pump blood in your body in terms of blood pressure. It is a device used for measuring blood pressure and is of two types: manometric and digital. Earlier doctors use to measure blood pressure using stethoscope, those devices were manometric sphygmomanometer. In recent times, a Digital type of sphygmomanometer is being used which measures the blood pressure and gives a digital reading. However, the old- fashioned manometric device gives more accurate readings.

The parts of a sphygmomanometer are a cuff, inflating bulb, a valve and a pump. In manometric device, to test your blood pressure, a cuff of fabric is wrapped around your armpit. The Pump controls the inflation of the cuff so as to cut enough amount of blood flow. In the meanwhile the gauge records the blood pressure In terms of mercury dropping down the bulb. Then a medical practitioner analyses tells you the exact situation of your blood pressure.

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