On Collecting Knives As A Hobby

Knife collecting is a hobby that entails a long process of seeking, acquiring, organizing, cataloguing and displaying. It also calls for knowledge of the proper ways of storing and maintaining the knives, whether for preservation or for re-selling purposes.

Why Collect Knives

It all starts with a love for knives. Some collectors started with a particular knife that caught their eye, and eventually added a few more which eventually turned into a hobby. Some accumulate an assortment of different knives while others focus on a specialized area of interest, like pocketknives, bayonets, or handmade custom knives. There are also some who are fascinated by antiques (those which are at least 100 years old), or collectibles (those of a later vintage or new). A few collectors keep their collection or pass them on as heirloom while most of them collect and re-sell for profit.

How To Expand A Collection

Collectors utilize various ways of expanding their collection. They check out or even subscribe to knife magazines and books, attend knife shows or seminars, join international or local collector clubs, and participate in internet knife forums to learn more about their hobby. They can do all these things with whatever time and money they can spare, or they can just visit a knife store in the internet if they’re looking for antiques, collectibles or custom knives for sale.

Collectors can save precious time and energy by just visiting knife stores like JWKnives which scouts for handmade, collectible, and custom knives for sale from around the globe and makes it available in one site. It’s just like walking into a haven of knives perfect for meticulous collectors.

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