Omnimount’s Sturdy Heritage And Foundation

The position of omnimount has been upheld for the past thirty years as a worldwide leader in the innovation of products. It has honed its capabilities as an inaugural in the area of audio mounts and will be continuing building its strong position. It is distributed all over seventy two counties. It has a total of 200 products.

The scope of the company has largely expanded for incorporating a portfolio that is complete of solutions of mounting which involved products that are motorized, home theatre furniture, video or audio racks which are professional, panel mounts which are flat and also eco-friendly, speaker stands are also available with base inserts, specialty products, digital Signage mounts, etc. For compatibility it offers rails and adapters as well. The product line of Omnimount now has several mounting solutions which are capable of satisfying the every demand of almost all the applications of home theatre.

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