Knowing Your Target

marketing research company in Jersey
For a relationship to work, one must know the needs of the other and vice versa. As for business, for it to be successful it is essential to recognize and to fulfill the demands of the customers. And how do companies create conclusions to these needs? They do these by careful investigation and intelligent use of information. This is called marketing research. It is a business strategy which helps the company to better understand the market demand, the market size and the competitors involved as well.

4insight, for example, is a marketing research company in Jersey. Jersey Island is the largest in the Channel Islands. It is located just off the coast of Normandy, France and south of Great Britain. The mentioned marketing research company in Jersey exists to extract pertinent data through social and opinion research in order to secure a perception of the situations in the market in order to make smart actions and decisions. The company makes use of qualitative methods in marketing services such as focus groups, comprehensive interviews and forums. These methods operate thorough questioning and projective enabling techniques (e.g. role playing and word association) to have access into the target’s (client, employee or competitor) thoughts and feelings. Moreover, this marketing research in Jersey holds expertise in the following sectors: finance and legal services, human resources, telecommunications and digital, public sector, tourism and hospitality, retail, construction and natural resources and energy.

The business company’s targets are the customers, their employees and competitors. Knowing their target’s thoughts and beliefs and anticipating their next action puts the company one step ahead of them and thus, allowing it to make the better move.

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