Why language-learning enthusiasts SHOULD NOT use Rosetta Stone

Hands down the most widely known and recognized language learning program today, is Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone is also among the most expensive language learning resources out there. Because of the price and popularity, people assume that Rosetta Stone is the BEST language learning method available. This is WRONG. Most language advocates will advise you against Rosetta Stone. They may have a genius marketing department to have gotten themselves to their level of popularity, but they do NOT have the quickest or most effective way of teaching you a foreign language. In fact, some will tell you that their method of teaching you isn’t even sensible at all!

The most commonly heard gripe about the program is that it spends too much time teaching you random miscellaneous vocabulary words, rather than focusing on useful and usable words and phrases. It’s for this reason that the program has been called a “glorified flashcard program” by Benny Lewis.

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