Ways to Save Cash on College Workbooks

Going to college can be very expensive unless you are an aspirant for a scholarship grant. Besides the tuition fee itself and the costly miscellaneous fees every month, college students also have to spend on books among anything else. Add anything else—it’s a total pain in the butt. Without compromising the value of education, students can still get their resources and save hundreds of dollars on book requirements by applying these simple practices:

Borrow from the school library- this is the first option you may consider. As long as the textbook is available in your campus’ library, you won’t have to buy one right away especially if the book is too expensive.

Purchase used books- if you can’t find a nearby store which sells old textbooks, you can browse the web for online supplies of used ones. You can even find unused books at a discounted price from Amazon, Chegg, or eBay. Just get your book’s ISBN and you’ll eventually find the book from these trusted online stores.

Ask from friends- you have all the possible means to tell your friends what you need and they might help you with this humble favor. You may call them, tell them personally, or post on your social media account to ask for help. You can borrow their old books or ask your friends where to purchase one.

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