The Two Face of South Korea: Old and Modern

My short trip to South Korea has given me the glimpse of both the old and modern face of the Asian country. Their economy is the fourth leading in Asia and is currently at the 15th spot in world rankings. I have spent most of my time in Seoul, the nation’s capital. The city has become the center for many events and milestones of the nation. It houses the largest conglomerate in the world- Samsung Electronics.

But don’t be overwhelmed by the country’s achievement is such a spin of time. Notably, amidst all the social developments and economic transformations, South Koreans have preserved their conservative way of life and value for family and blood relations. Witness distinctive traditions come to life with Confucian-based wedding ceremonies that depict how important family and relationships are to the people. During pre-wedding or engagement rites, see the couple wearing the colorful hand-made hanbok, the country’s national costume.

South Korea offers kicks and punches of fun-filled activities you can engage in one of your Asian vacations or cruise. Dive deep into the authentic oriental customs with first-hand experiences of traditional ceramic pottery, cooking delicious palace cuisine and world-famous kimchi and trying out Taekwondo in ancient palaces and local villages. Also, get into a day in Temple Stay—a cultural program designed to show how ancient-old ceremonies are held the Korean Buddhism way. Cultural immersion at its finest.

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