iPhone 5 – Best Phone Ever

Apple iPhone 5 which was released on 21st September, 2012 is the fastest, lightest and probably the best iPhone of all times. This phone has so many features like 8 MP camera, bigger screen, new aspect ratio, extremely fast wireless technology and a lot more new and advanced features which would change the way you used to use a phone. Yet it is so smart and light that you feel so comfortable holding it while on call or when listening to music. It has bright 4-inch retina display on which you could watch high definition movies and play latest games.

iPhone 5 has so many new features that it is hard to even name all of them in one article. New 1080p display allows you to watch movies, TV shows and sports in high definition and you enjoy every second of it. Apple has made its chip advanced which allows you to enjoy even faster Wi-Fi and you can stream high quality videos and download games and movies easily. Its price in the United States is $199.99 which is quite reasonable as compared to other manufacturers. You would be surely convinced to buy iPhone 5 once you try its great and interesting features.

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