Being an Architect

Graduating in high school can be considered as stressful as working, why? Because in here the student now chooses on what road he or she will take; what career are they going to pursue? Some just go with the flow and take those courses that their friends also took. This can be really risky because some end up quitting on the profession that they took for the reason that it is not their passion. Some are fond of illustrating, creating and designing; some wants to invent and others want to compute; whatever your passion is, go for it! Don’t dwell too greatly on how much money it will give you; just remember that there can always be something beneficial from it.

Today, architecture is still one of the professions that stay within the grid; it doesn’t get off the radar, unlike any other courses that just sprang from an urgent need and later on abandoned all who enrolled and trusted it. As long as man takes another step forward, architecture follows. So how does architecture works?

Architecture obtains all kind of responsibility one man can take. This profession is also bound to save and renew life. With the drawings put into papers, imagination that has come into life, architecture isn’t merely on sketches and paintings; architects also deal with numbers like engineers. Before anything else, let me clarify the difference of architecture from engineering (which mostly confuses people). Architecture is the field where the architects design aesthetically, structurally and functionally every parts of the building, unlike other people’s belief, it is not the engineers that build houses, it is the architects. Evenly speaking, both profession can build and construct a residence, it’s just that architects are trained for that field and that engineers are trained to compute on the bearing capacity one structure can take.

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