A Quick View on 360 Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback is a form of evaluation involving the feedbacks taken from one’s peers, co-workers, customers, and superiors, where the results will allow him to see his performance from different perspectives, allowing him to set his goals accordingly. Many companies are now using this method to reach success, though some are still anxious of whether this could hurt their business or not.

360 feedback is very thorough, which is why most people do not take any of the feedbacks personally, especially those who have been mentally prepared to receive them as data and not as personal comments. A process called depersonalization will greatly help prevent the subject from taking things personally and receive them as constructive criticism so he could develop himself to be more efficient in his job. With the 360 degree feedback, an organization could have a staff filled with people who are more responsible developing their career. It also helps reduce racial discrimination, since the feedbacks will be coming from a variety of job functions. As an effect, people could work better as a team, and a company could achieve success given the right 360 feedback system.

What ‘s nice about this is that it could be performed online, which makes things easier and more convenient. Appraisal360 is a new site dedicated to providing excellent tools for candidates and practitioners who want a simple system online that could give the best results for organization development.

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