A Quick View of KaDonk’s LiveProject

LiveProject is a project viewer software created by KaDonk for organizing MS Project files. It provides a way for users to print, open, view, and export project plans with convenience. This application enables viewing of various MS Project data, such as Gantt charts, tasks, and resources, without having MS Project itself installed.

This program comes in 4 versions, namely, the Free View, Premium Viewer, Team Viewer, and Project Collaboration. Free Viewer serves as a perfect fit for those who simply require printing of viewing a project. Premium Viewer allows filtering and encryption for the more active individuals. Team Viewer is suitable for people who seek for online homes for their project documents. Project Collaboration, on the other hand, enables the entire team to handle things in harmony effectively.

The KaDonk website offers a downloadable version of the premium viewer for those who want to start a free trial, which gives them 14 days to get the feel of the application. The demo version includes features such as printing project plans, exporting, creating PowerPoint reports, and Project Dashboards.

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