Funny Rainy Day

Rainy days are here once again in the Philippines. It rains almost every day and that kids tend to get depressed after not spending the day outdoors. Well, there are many things parents can do to alleviate the boredom in your little ones. Creative playtime ideas are sure to not only entertain your kids but educate them as well.

One idea is: if you can’t go out to play, bring IN the great outdoors! How? You can pitch a tent inside your house or perhaps use blankets and few sheets to cover two chairs to serve as tent. Bring sleeping bags, some pillows and blankets, some favorite stuffed toys and a flashlight. Encourage your little ones to make use of the tent and pretend to be on a camping trip. Lie with them inside the tent and share them their favorite stories and join the fun by sharing a spooky story or two.

Don’t let wet weather damper on your good mood. Have fun and learning time with your kids.

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