Fall Gardening Project

We all know that trees, shrubs, and ornamental are fairly independent. They can survive on almost all sorts of condition because they can take care of themselves. But then, they also need some Tender Love and Care at times, and I guess it won’t do any arm. This is the very reason why I’d like to plant trees and shrubs this fall because of its high survivability rate that’s fit for my quite busy schedule. It’s like I wanted to find beauty in the Fall.

I intend to start my fall gardening project this weekend and as tipped by my friends about good soil would be of great help. But then I also wanted to plant fruit trees so that I could have some edible harvest in the near future and fertilizer goes well with fruit trees. This is their all-purpose food. As what my friends say, who are experts when it comes to fall plant and feed, it’s best to feed them four times at regular intervals between early spring and late June because during Spring time, the trees and the shrubs use a lot of energy, pushing out flowers, leaves, and seeds. And I intend to follow that so that this project would really be a success. Besides, trees aren’t really as demanding as any other plants.

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