Children Sleep by Themselves

As a mom, one of Kristine’s problem is how to teach her sons to sleep by themselves. She is a working mother of two kids who has to ran errands at home after a day’s work because they only have one housemaid. She needs to help their maid in doing the household chores if they want the latter to stay long. Kristine find it hard to get her sons to bed because they want to stay awake and wait until she tucked them into bed. They refused to sleep early and they don’t feel sleepy early. There were times when she tried to put them to sleep ahead of her. She still had a lot to do but what usually happened was that she fell asleep with them, living her chores unfinished. There were times when she got lazy to wake up because it’s already late by the time the kids were asleep. Thus, living her disappointed because so many things left undone.

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