Hugs Health Benefits

A hug is an affectionate embrace. It is putting your arms around someone’s body and holding the person tight to show affection and pleasure. We often hug other people to show them how much we care. But don’t you know that hugging isn’t just simply embracing and being affectionate? Yes, indeed hugging is not just a simple act. It brings along health benefits.

Recent studies indicate that people shown affection and often hugged by others are less likely to see a doctor or feel sick. Most hugged persons report a zest for life. They show increasing appetite on just everything about life. They show more love for work and sense that their existence is meaningful. Showing affection to others especially to your husband or wife and so with the kids tends to make their lives longer. It is definitely a good way to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

Thus, an apple a day is not just enough to keep the doctor away…give an apple with a “hug” for a day and surely you will keep the doctors away for long…

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