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Chatting has been the trend since the internet was introduced during the early 90’s. Before, the trend used to be the conventional chat where you enter the chat room and then someone could invite you to chat privately with them. The disadvantage of having the conventional chat is that you can’t see the person you are chatting with. You can’t tell if he or she is telling the truth regarding his or her age, gender and other physical attributes that you might want to know.

I remember that time when I was in first year college when I asked my dear friend to teach me how to do that “chatting” thing. And so we entered a public chat room. After a few moments, another chat box appeared and my friend said that the person on the other line wants to privately chat. We thought this person on the other line was a male because of the way he talks. Then he asked for my name, age, gender and location. Then my friend tripped and gave him wrong information about my name and age. She told him that I am 68 years old. And we were laughing with what she did.

But recently chat video became a trend and free video chat rooms became readily available in the internet. There are various free video chat rooms and one of them is loke video chat. I haven’t tried it yet but my friend had already used it. And they like it every time they video chat in multiples. With the existence of the video, you can no longer hide any of your physical attributes whenever you try to chat with a new friend from the opposite side of the world. And with this, communication between families who are away from each other becomes easier. I just hope that each of us will use this technology responsibly.

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