Every Child is Special

Kids with special abilities need special treatment in school. That is why you have to enrol them in an orton gillingham accredited schools or in an institution that possess the orton gillingham certification.

Just like the kids I knew Kildonan School who gives special teaching methods for kids with dyslexia. They empower students with dyslexia to regain confidence and exercise their strengths. They do one-o-one teaching method that would inspire these special children to be prepared for college and beyond. Of course, how could you ignore a child that could create an amazing hanging metal art?! You’ll get really amazed with them.

I remember the movie that’s titled “Every Child is Special” whenever I see these children. The movie was a great eye opener for a lot of people. On a personal note, the movie made me realize that those children are not “abnormal” as some might judge them to be. They are just children that need special attention. It’s just that they seek for attention, but they were just born with it and the society must learn to accept them rather than judge then negatively. And their special talents and abilities make them more special. Having extreme talents in the world of art made them earn a lot of respect from people.

If we sum it all, children with dyslexia will never be a liability to the family, and to the society as whole, if they are trained in a special school with a special program designed for these types of children. Chances are, they could live, learn and earn normally like ordinary kids with no dyslexia can do; because just like ordinary kids, these children deserved to live a happy and normal life. We are all born equal with God-given talents that could help us achieve success & excellence through life.

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