Beating The Snoring Ailment

Is snoring an ailment? Snoring is breathing noisily while asleep. In medical view, snoring is often associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA. This means that after a series of snoring, there is an episode where breathing stops for a few seconds and the cycle repeats again. But then again, not all who snore are suffering from this breathing problem. Snoring usually results from obstructions of airways during sleep.

This happens when there is falling back of the tongue or a clogged nose resulting to mouth breathing. Overweight individuals usually snore more often that those slender ones. There are no medications for snoring but it can be lessened as to control it. Elevation of the head while sleeping is one important strategy to consider. Next thing is—do not sleep on your back. To keep you from rolling on your back, sew a pocket on the back of your pajama and fill it with marbles or jackstones.

Before bedtime, blow your nose. Clogged nose or stuffed-up sinus causes you to breathe through the mouth which enhances snoring. Lastly, if you are overweight—go on a diet!

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