When did you last assess your windows and doors?

With the warmer summer climate, cracks and gaps inside your windows and doors may be less noticeable than in wintry weather where drafts and leaks can easily provide you with a warning to the presence of outdoor air and moisture entering your home. It is just as imperative that you patch up any gaps or leaks during summer as it is in the cooler months, especially for those who have an ac unit. Cool air escaping can radically add to your power expenses and with intense summer rains and elevated humidity, moisture seeping in to your home could cause long-term problems. Troubles with damp and mold generally are a costly predicament if your Louisiana insurance doesn’t cover the type of destruction involved.
It’s a good idea to have a look around your doors and windows periodically to check for any gaps or cracks that are visible. Sealing them before wetness seeps in from outside may enable you to prevent ongoing issues and ensure that when winter comes around your house is much better able to face up to the assault of blustery weather and plummeting temps.
While you’re inspecting your windows and doors don’t forget to keep a watch out for any impending security troubles. Doors and windows are customary entry points for robbers and taking measures to prevent burglars focusing on your house can save you money, distress and might even decrease the amount you need to pay for a Louisiana insurance policy.

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