Town Parade

One of my aunts will be using their delivery truck for the annual parade. They will put a Truck Rack where they will be putting the decorations for the parade which will consist of dozens and dozens of flowers and garlands. My cousin, Myra, will be leading the parade so my aunt doesn’t want her float (the delivery truck) to look nothing but the best one in the fifteen floats that will be going around town from late morning to mid-afternoon. My cousin’s float has to be the best!

I have attended a number of the town parades so I know how much effort each family would put into their floats. It’s always full of flowers and colorful stuff. Then there are candies and other goodies to be thrown away to the persons watching at the sides of the streets. It’s a lot of fun! If I am not mistaken, this is the second time that my aunt’s family was chosen to be the lead float in the parade. The first time was when my older cousin Tara, my aunt’s eldest, turned 16 and she was chosen as the town pride for winning in an international quiz bee.

I will attend the town parade and will support my cousin Myra by cheering her on.

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