Tips for a Greener Company

Making your organization more environmentally aware doesn’t need to mean pricey renovations or setting up solar panels on the roof. So many easy improvements could enable you to reduce the environmental impact of your business and could even save you money. Some bigger modifications could even possibly result in savings on your business insurance Illinois as more insurance companies offer incentives to eco-friendly establishments.

Listed below are a few tips to get you started:

  • Use recycled printer paper and set your printer to double sided
  • Turn the office thermostat down a few notches and egg on your staff to wear an additional layer
  • You should definitely shut down your computers completely at night instead of leaving them on standby
  • Turn off the lights in your building at nighttime
  • Switch from disposable water glasses and coffee cups to reusable ones.
  • Encourage your workers to car pool to work instead of commuting individually.

Making a small number of little changes to your office can significantly improve your business’ environmental effect with little or no effort on your part. With any luck you could possibly even save money on your power bills, stationery costs and business insurance Illinois as a result!

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