Crowders is the place to go when you need to find home, plants and gardening products. It has most of the items you are looking for your home like kitchenware.

My friend just moved in to her new apartment. She has a pocket garden at the side of her place so she is thinking of putting a piece of garden furniture there and some flowering plants. She has always been a homebody and anything that can boost the comfort of her home is welcome to her. I know for a fact that she also has a green thumb and she loves anything that she can watch grow in a pot. I remember her herbs in small pots on top of her kitchen counter when we were still roommates in college. She has three and we were able to use it when we felt like cooking something. I think she will plant some again. And she has become a better cook over the years, she told me.

She is working at home and she’s always online. I know that Crowders.co.uk is a site she frequents what with all the home products that she can find there. I think I better find her something for her pocket garden as a house present.

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