Diminish the risk of a cyber assault to your company

With most organizations being reliant on technology and a great deal of daily business operations being conducted online it is no wonder we are becoming more susceptible to web attacks. Being a victim of online crime can be terrible for any business but getting tech insurance CA can help safeguard you against some of the financial difficulties while you get back on your feet again. Lessen your risk of falling prey to a cyber attack by following a couple of online safety suggestions:
• Make sure that your company has a strong security policy and all staff are made aware of it.
• Use anti-virus software and other online security technology and be sure it is up to date.
• Back up important information and files and store backups in a safe, offsite space. Better still, back up to the ‘cloud’ for fast retrieval.
• Make certain precious company info is not accessed on unsecured smart phones and at wifi hot spots.
• Encourage employees to alter their passwords regularly.
Protecting your company against crime means taking precautions to safeguard it both physically and on the web. Tech insurance CA may help you get your company back up and running after an online tragedy, but taking measures ahead of time can save you lots of time and stress.

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