Windstorm protection

Windstorm damage is probably one of the most common perils a house owner faces. While it’s wise to have windstorm insurance in place, there are ways that a home owner could be able to minimize the chance of damage by taking action before the wind gets up.

Tree branches: Is your property surrounded by trees? It makes for relaxing surroundings but when the wind picks up, a single large branch can crush a decent piece of roof or possibly totally crush a vehicle. Worse than the damage it can cause is the potential for injury to anyone in that home or car at the time. If you have trees on your property, keep an eye on the strength of the trees and organize for branches which pose a chance to be cut down if possible.

Shutters: Window shutters add a good layer of protection in areas vulnerable to windstorms. Another hazard for home occupants during windstorms is that of a window breaking and someone being injured by glass.

Outdoor furniture: When windy weather is on the way, it’s time to bring the outdoor furniture inside and/or tie down or secure items which have to stay outside. Don’t forget to lock shed doors and shut shed windows – when wind is able to get inside the risk of the shed roof being lifted may be higher than if it’s sealed tight.

Most crucial of all, be sure that you’re safe and secure. Remain safe by closing up your doors and windows and remaining inside until it blows over; and stay secure – financially – by having windstorm insurance in place.

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