Traditional Medicine

Last December, I am an active participant during our Christmas party. I am the host, the singer and at the same time, the dancer. If you try to see it, it seemed like I am the “Jack of all trades”. And it’s really not easy. I have to divide my time on practices and making my script of the program. I did not complain because it was fun, but it is exhausting at the same time. I had to take lots of vitamins to keep me going and for me to have that energetic consistency. The day of the Christmas party came and I was glad because everything was successful. I received compliments and praises. But the day after that, my body was defeated with stress. Body pains, cough, colds and sore throat! I really got sick to the point that I wanted to have a week of total bed rest.

Because of that, my mom volunteered to take me to the doctor. But I declined, and I told her that I want to try alternative medicine first. And so she indulged me with what I wanted. She bought a medicine named Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa from a nearby Chinese drug store. She said it would help in easing out my sore throat that causes me to cough drily, causing the phlegm to be stocked in my lungs. Without any doubt, I drank according to the instructions. After two days of consistently drinking it, the cough and my sore throat was cured. And because of that, I became a fan of alternative medicine.

From such experience, I learned to believe with the power of herbs for herbs are the main ingredient of traditional alternative medicines. And since it uses something from nature, the risk of exposing one’s health to the side effects of conventional medication is eliminated. It has been used for centuries now and it has always been found safe to use.

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