Luggage Shipping

As a child, I learned to dream big through the things that I see on fairy tales. I dreamed of living in a castle; wear a crown and a balloon gown! I wanted to ride in a carriage and wave a hand to people whenever I go outside that castle. That was really my dream. But when I reached my teenage years and I was able to watch Legally Blonde, my fairy tale dream changed and I started dreaming of becoming as rich as the blonde, Elle Woods. I mean, who wouldn’t envy her?! She’s rich, famous, glamorous and amazingly witty despite the “Barbie-ish” and bubbly personality. There was a part of the movie when I got so amazed because she hired a luggage shipping company just to ship her things from her parents’ house to her dormitory at Harvard. It really made me utter a big “WOW”.

Now that I am older, I started to patch-up things. I know it’s not as easy as how I saw it on TV. Like for example, how could a rich person like Elle entrust her expensive things with a luggage shipping line when the probability of the ship to be hi-jacked is there?! That must take too much trust! On the other hand, I also thought that there really exist a luggage shipping company that can be trusted. Especially when you know that such company specializes on such service, I think they are much worthy to be trusted.

Other than those petty things, my dream of becoming as rich and famous as Elle Woods is still alive. It is burning within me and it’s waiting to be awakened. I know for myself that I am pursuing that dream, not in my time but in God’s time. I know I can fulfill that dream as long as I work hard and pray hard for it.

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