The lowdown on flash drives for business

With the high rate of competitions between products and companies nowadays, the marketing strategy of each also innovates and improves. For the past fifty or forty years, a leaflet distributed in the market, at the park or outside the church would suffice as an effecting marketing tool. However, as technologies arrived, the advent of media was celebrated and then it was used as a marketing tool also. Radio and Television advertisements were widely used since the 80’s until the present time. However, with the advent of computers and other advances in technology, the use of radios and television as medium of advertising are not that effective anymore. There are now companies who use premiums and freebies as part of their promotions; others also use the internet to advertise their products. But what people can appreciate more are premiums that can be useful to the consumers.

Say for example USB’s. People, more often than not, are using USB’s nowadays in saving their soft copies of everything. May it be personal stuffs like pictures or office related data, USBs really helps a lot. It is handy and can be carried anytime and anywhere so that you can have access to your files at any time you need it. Personalized flash drives nowadays are very popular and now, private companies also realized that it could be a good medium for advertising their products too! A lot of companies now make use of Promotional usb drives to advertise their products and brand names. They chose to use Promotional usb drives because it allows the brand/product name highly visible among other things that are used as freebies and premiums.

I have a friend who got a personalized USB from a known beverage company and mind you, it benefits him a lot. It became his personal USB that goes with him every day that he is on the go. Although such beverage brand is known to be preferred by most consumers than its competitor, the thought that their promotional usb giveaways made their consumers happy is enough goodwill in return to the price of each usb that they gave away.

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