Restaurant and Catering Business

I was born in a family where cooking is as easy as A-B-C. Cooking has been our innate skill in the clan and a lot of my aunts earn for a living through their cooking skills. That is why I have this dream of having my own restaurant and catering business.

I have an aunt who owns a catering business in one of the largest cities in the Philippines. And I envy her because I know that she loves what she’s doing and her feeling is that she’s not working at all! And in all fairness to her, she did great and she was able to make her catering business grow. Now, she could cater to up to more than five hundred persons and she can already handle large reception catering venues.

However, having your own catering business entails a huge sum of capitalization. You have to have your own chefs to cook for every function. On-call waiters and of course utensils and other kitchen appliances such as ovens, weston smoker and excalibur dehydrator. And buying those ftuff would require a lot of money. But on the other hand, it all boils down if you really wanted to have such kind of investment because the moment you’ll start earning your profit, each investment is worth it.

I am now at the point of my life where I wanted to start building up my future. And my dream of having that catering business is still on my mind. It is one of my priorities to accomplish while I am alive. It is my dream to have it just before I reach forty. But as of the moment, everything is still contained in a planner. Nothing has been accomplished yet. But I wish I could start accomplishing it by next year. And I am looking forward for that!

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