Surfing is a sport that is widely known by the American race. Americans love to surf during summer season for they can’t do it in any other season. There are several favorite surfing spots in the US. Among those places are Mavericks (California), Florida and Malibu.

Because of the fact that American surfing enthusiast can’t enjoy surfing the whole year round, they opt to search for countries which can give them the right waves fit for their raging adrenalines. Tropical countries, like the Philippines, are prime spots for these surfing enthusiasts.

The Philippines is a place where foreigners describe as “a place where it is sunny the whole year round”. Americans and other foreigners like the place because of the tropical climate that they can enjoy when it’s spring, fall or winter time in their country. And lately, it has been discovered that there is a place in the Philippines that is a prime spot for surfing—Siargao Island. Today, surfing enthusiasts (both local and foreign) are enjoying the waves in Siargao. And there are lots of Filipinos right now that are also getting hooked with the sport. They even try to purchase imported surfboards through the internet so that they can level-up their sport equipment with those foreign surfing enthusiasts.

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