Pink Magic

I’ve been hearing lots of positive superlatives about a product named pink magic. At first I thought it was a hormone pill for women, but I was wrong. I found the facts about it when I saw my high school friend at the supermarket and I just got so amazed with his body built. I mean, he used to be the skinny guy of the batch- the type who’s bullied by the big fat boys of the batch.

I was picking up some kitchen essentials at the grocery when a familiar face bumped into my cart. I was surprised when the man smiled at me instead of being pissed-off because I bumped him. And then I realized it was Marvin—my high school friend that I am referring above. He, then, started asking for updates about me and our other friends and from that, we ended up in a café nearby. With my curiosity with his new built, I took the courage to ask him his secret of getting that bod. That was the time when he started talking about pink magic.

It was an eye opener for me as he explained further about that product. Now I know that such product is not just for women, it’s for men too! With Marvin as a proof of its effectiveness, I could say that such product is effective. And now I’m thinking of letting my boyfriend take it!

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