Narberth Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer

Living in a country that consists of different states and each states has its own rules and laws, its quite hard to hop from one state to the other, for one, you to be familiar with the laws of the different states so that you won’t be charged off with any crime if you happen to visit another state.

My best friends’ husband got that lesson when he had his exclusive vacation with his college male friends in Narberth, Pennsylvania. They were having a party at a bar and they went home at two in the morning. All of them are drunk and they still drove their cars to the hotel where they checked-in. Unfortunately, while they were on their way to the hotel, they came across a roving police patrol and the policemen’s attention was caught by their groggy driving. And so the policemen signaled for a stoppage and they obediently obliged. And when the policemen were able to confirm that they were drunk they got charged with drinking under the influence of alcohol. After what happened, they immediately called up their respective wives for their rescue. Good thing my best friend knows a Narberth Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer that helped them fix the predicament that her husband and his friends were facing. Their lawyer is from one of the best in Narberth that is why my best friend is confident that they will get through with it. From then on, his husband and his friends really got a dose of lesson from that experience.

Since then, my best friend’s husband said that he won’t visit the place again at the moment. He just can’t get over of the shame that they bumped into being caught because they were drunk. Funny as it may seem, but it was a learning experience for him.

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