Pittsburgh Rental Properties

I had an aunt who’s a compulsive-impulsive money spender. She’s my mom’s younger sister and as how my mom would describe her, she’d always say that my aunt is allergic to money. She spends before she thinks and she realizes that she doesn’t need what she spent for when it’s too late.

One time, I told her that a particular airline is having their air tickets on sale. In just a second, she immediately checked on the airline’s website and got four tickets (that’s for her husband, her two kids and herself) for a 6-day vacation in Pittsburgh. I was stunned when she excitingly told me about her booked flights. Then I asked her, “Do you know anything about Pittsburgh? Or at least, Pennsylvania?!”. She was stunned by my question, and she was forced to study about the place so that she could make their itinerary. For two weeks, she did nothing but to put that suddenly booked vacation. And after that, she told me with enthusiasm that she had everything right into place. The places that they are planning to visit are already scheduled and she also had a reservation at Pittsburgh Rental Properties for their 6-day stay there.

Good thing the internet is there. At least, she was able to create a rush plan out of her impulsiveness. It was really a lesson learned. I won’t tell her anything about things on sale again, ever!

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