Amsoil Motor Oil

Changing motor oils is essential for a vehicles performance. But a lot of motorists can’t get the difference in using the conventional refined oil and the synthetic motor oil. There are a lot of questions on which gives a better performance, or questions like “Is synthetic oil better?” & “Does it (synthetic oil) work better in some cars than others?”. If you have these questions in mind, then let me tell you a story about why the synthetic oil was produced and introduced in the market.

Refined conventional oils come from crude oils that are sucked out from the ground. No matter how it is refined, there will always be contaminants, such as small amounts of sulfur and reactive hydrocarbons, which will be left unremoved from the oil. That is the reason why synthetic oil was produced in the market.

Fully synthetic motor oil contains non-conventional and high-performance fluids and does not contain the foresaid contaminants like the conventional oil. As to the question of which gives better performance among the two, the answer would depend. It would depend on the car’s age, mileage and the carmaker’s recommendation for lubricants.

Amsoil is one of America’s leading synthetic oil manufacturer and they have vouched that synthetic oil has more benefits than the conventional refined oil. Benefits such as Premium engine protection, Better fuel economy, Easy cold weather starting, Less dependence on OPEC, Biodegradable – safer for the environment, Fewer oil changes – extend oil changes up to 25,000 miles or one year and Less waste and maintenance downtime, are just some of the things that amsoil vouched for their product. A lot of long-time amsoil users also vouched for these benefits that are why more and more motorists shift to amsoil for their motor lubricants. Further, if you become an amsoil user today, you can save up to 25% on your order if you become a preferred customer.

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