Funny Photos at

Whenever we feel lonely or we are pissed of by the circumstances, most of the time we resort to other things that could give relief to the negative emotions that we are feeling. Some people resort to food, shopping and for some, they would watch funny videos, photos & pictures in the internet.

Just like my boyfriend, Ken. He likes to watch fuddy videos so much! He is the moody kind of person and I could feel that watching funny videos lifts up his mood. One time, he got so appalled with his work and so he went home and called me up. I didn’t know what he’s up to that day and I was just so surprised when he gave me his laptop and asked me to open a certain website. And when I opened it, I got surpirsed with the photos and the videos that greeted me! It never failed to make me crack a laugh! When Ken heard my laugh, he immediately took my place and started scanning on such website. For almost an hour, he focused himself scanning on every videos and photos. After that, he is already back on track. His mood lightened up and he’s no longer irritable. Thank you to that funny videos, photos & pictures for it definitely saved Ken’s day!!

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