Distance Learning Degree

My mother’s boss is such an achiever. She is a Certified Public Accountant like me and she never stops learning at her age (I think she is around fifty years old). She is my idol and I am her biggest fan! She is a certified workaholic too but she also manages to balance her time for her career and her family. Last summer, she treated the whole office for a party. My mother and her office-mated wondered why their boss have to throw a party when there is no event to celebrate. They had that question in mind until their boss shared to them during the party that she just finished her Doctoral Degree in Management through a Distance Learning Degree in one of America’s states. I was there at her party and she suggested that I also follow her footsteps. She encouraged me to study more and get scholarships abroad. And because of that, I was intrigued with that Distance Learning Degree. Now, I am slowly working on my papers so that I could submit the requirements for admission in the college where my mother’s boss enrolled. I really don’t know why but I seem to be encouraged by her. It was her who made me realize that learning should not stop after graduation, thus, it continues until we work, and until we grow old.

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