Cheap Prom Dresses

During my high school years, juniors and seniors prom are always the awaited events. It is the time where we act like a true and full blown ladies and gentlemen. But despite the glamour and the excitement, among the other things that would come to our concern (especially the parents’) are the expenses. Most high school students nowadays are choosy and they do not wear cheap prom dresses. But I guess it’s not really about the price, it’s about how you carry yourself with that dress. During my time, I have a lot of fellow students who dresses cheap evening dresses but they still looked elegant in it. In fact, my friend who wore a simple gown that is less costly even won as the “junior of the night”.

Same goes in going to Artsy Wedding. I have been to weddings of my friends just wearing my cheap cocktails, but then I never fail to get praises from the other guests. My friends would tease me every time that my charm could really attract any body from the crowd. See?! It doesn’t matter how less costly or expensive things are. It’s not really the dress that matters. It’s the charm and the personality that comes out from you when you carry a dress.

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