beads wholesale

There was a time in my youth when making your own personalized bead accessories got so popular. I think that was during my high school years. I am too desperate to be “in” that time and so I forced my mom to buy me the beads and the transparent threads that they use for making a necklace or a bracelet. At first she resisted, but eventually, she gave in to my request. She brought me to a beads wholesale store and she made me choose the beads that I wanted for my do-it-yourself project. I really got as enthusiastic with that but then as months passed by, the fad got lost in circulation, and I lost my enthusiasm too.

Until now, I still see some personalized beads accessories that are sold in the market. And the store that sells wholesale beads is still there. The fad wasn’t really lost. It’s just that the people who continued doing it are just the people who have passion for it. I’m happy with such fact. At least, if time comes that my children grows up to an age where they can already have those bead works as an hobby, they can always try it. I just can’t wait for that time to come!

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